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Mission Statement
The University of Tampa Sports Medicine Team is proud to provide coverage for the University of Tampa athletic program. We strive to provide the highest quality care for our student-athletes through an extensive network of sports medicine and multi-discipline medical professionals. Our team works to prevent, manage, and rehabilitate athletically related injuries and illnesses in a safe and confidential manner. In addition, we provide education, development, and guidance to future athletic trainers throughout CAATE accredited Athletic Training Program. If you as a prospective student, current student, or parent have any questions please contact Scott Brickett ATC-L at (813) 253-6264 or e-mail at

University of Tampa Athletic Training Staff
Scott Brickett ATC, Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine, (813) 257-3264,
JC Andersen ATC, Ph.D., Program Director For Athletic Training, (813) 253-3127,
Kim Morris MS Ed, ATC, Clinical Coordinator, (813) 253-6256, 
Alejandro Arenas, Assistant Athletic Trainer, (813) 257-1734, 
Heather VanOpdorp MS Ed, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer, (813) 257-6326, 
Junita Payne, Assistant Athletic Trainer, (813) 253-6264,
Rob Boutote, Assistant Athletic Trainer, (813) 253-6264,
David Green, Assistant Athletic Trainer, (813) 253-6264,

All student-athletes will need to get a CBC (complete blood count) test and a Urinalysis done during their physical.

Sports Medicine Appointment (NEW: Athletes may now schedule athletic training clinic appointments for injury evaluations and rehab online)

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